Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi all,
in two weeks my PhD will be finished and I celebrate the late summer and fall with some workshops I offer here in Germany. Two Workshops are ready for sign up: collogne and munich. Here the direkt links to the official offer:


Looking forward see some of you there :)

Happy Painting
Cheers GeOrc

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi all, here two pics of a stone troll from the collection of Thomas aka Drukhi, who I visited last weekend. The paint job was a small thank you for the nice time I spent there. I painted the troll with my quick and dirty style in something about 2-3 hours. As soon as I will visit him again I will continue work on the miniature which was a great pleasure to paint! Many thanks to Thomas for the nice time!

Kind Regards GeOrc

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here the latest progress. I repaired the wings and some first details with the claws on the top. The claws are sculptured on a small wire armature which I glued into some small holes I drilled into the wings. I´m really satisfied with the result and there is only need for some correction work on the nails which I will do with some brownstuff. Further details are needed on the wings to cover some bad parts of my repair work. I will add some small skulls and hooks on chains on these bad parts. I also made the tranistion back and wings with some fur which grows out of the bottom of his wings. I hope you like it and have some feedback for me.
Kind Regards GeOrc

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We had a very good hobby evening in our local GW store. I was able to finish the horns as well as the cloth around his neck. You can see that I shorten the horns a bit and add more volume. Otherwise than the large top horns which I wasn´t able to finish in one session, I finished the side horns with a lot of luck in ine session. It was perfect and with every movement of the tool on the putty it becomes better. Also I add some skull jewelry to his neck like the original Malagor wears one. I hope you like it. Like always feedback, critic and questions are very welcome. Kind Regards GeOrc

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hi All,
in some previous sessions I allready had sculptured the cloth around his neck. There is still some work on the endings but most of he texture and the cuttlings are there. Today I give the horns a first tryout and add more volume. I´m not satisfied with size and shape, so I will sand the horns when cured and add some more putty for some more volume where needed. I also add more details to the cloth and sculptured the backside of it which can´t be seen here in the pic. Nethertheless I hope you like it.
Kind Regards GeOrc

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi all,
I promised it and here they are, clean good pics of my sculpturing work on the Malagor Miniature. You can see that I finished the belly plate with the beastmen skull and set the armature for the stole he wears around his neck. You can see that I always do rough armatures before I sculpture the details, here on the wings, the horns and also the stole. It makes the sculpturing process easier and you have something to work on. It´s better to work in more steps than try to finish such a detail in one step. When creating an armature be always sure make it thin nough that you can later add some putty but make it thick enough that isn´t to flexible, especially when it stands out of the miniature. I advide also to use a wire constructer where it is possible. Here I used on on the horns. Then I add some Brownstuff for fixing the construction, add some thickness and add a surface where the putty for the second putty layer get some grip. If there are further questions, feel free to ask them, I will try to answere all. Kind Regards GeOrc

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hi, this evening I had a spontanous hobby meeting togehter with Marcel. I did further sculpturing on the Malagor conversion. There was a lot of rough armature sculpturing on the horns and on the loincloth. Also I sculptured the belly plate and and repositioned the right leg. Again sorry for the bad pics. My sister has still my Digi Cam, but I hope I will get it back this week.
Kind Regards