Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi all,
I promised it and here they are, clean good pics of my sculpturing work on the Malagor Miniature. You can see that I finished the belly plate with the beastmen skull and set the armature for the stole he wears around his neck. You can see that I always do rough armatures before I sculpture the details, here on the wings, the horns and also the stole. It makes the sculpturing process easier and you have something to work on. It´s better to work in more steps than try to finish such a detail in one step. When creating an armature be always sure make it thin nough that you can later add some putty but make it thick enough that isn´t to flexible, especially when it stands out of the miniature. I advide also to use a wire constructer where it is possible. Here I used on on the horns. Then I add some Brownstuff for fixing the construction, add some thickness and add a surface where the putty for the second putty layer get some grip. If there are further questions, feel free to ask them, I will try to answere all. Kind Regards GeOrc


  1. Wooow...
    I'm totally speechless about your work so far... It's great, just wonderful!
    And I'm nearly ashamed about how my malagor is going to look like...^^
    But keep on doing that good work, if the rest of the miniature is going to be similar I'm sure, where we are going to see it in Octobre...

    Kind regards

  2. This is really awesome work. Great to see you doing some stuff again.


    PS: Irgendetwas in meinem Kopf schreit gerade Golden Demon. :D :D

  3. Really like where this is going. Looks awesome so far. Keen to see what you can do, I love the fluff for Malagor and yours looks like it might be an epic mini to back it up!