Monday, March 15, 2010

Here the latest progress. I repaired the wings and some first details with the claws on the top. The claws are sculptured on a small wire armature which I glued into some small holes I drilled into the wings. I´m really satisfied with the result and there is only need for some correction work on the nails which I will do with some brownstuff. Further details are needed on the wings to cover some bad parts of my repair work. I will add some small skulls and hooks on chains on these bad parts. I also made the tranistion back and wings with some fur which grows out of the bottom of his wings. I hope you like it and have some feedback for me.
Kind Regards GeOrc


  1. I've tried resculpts like this, but I can't get the putty to adhere to the metal. Or if I do get it to adhere, I get a dreadful mess as I try to manipulate it after the fact. Do you have some idea of what I'm doing wrong? Also, is there some trick or technique to doing feathers like that?

  2. It's looking amazingly good! I absolutely love those claws, and the fur on the back helps make the wings blend with the body.

    Great work!

  3. Woow, really cool, what I really like is the idea of the claws but in my opinion it looks a bit strane on the pictures so I'm looking forward to pictures fom another view/angle or to see it in real by March 25th at the latest^^

    So keep on doing that good stuff and I wish you a lot of "luck" ^^

    kind regard