Monday, March 8, 2010

Hi All,
in some previous sessions I allready had sculptured the cloth around his neck. There is still some work on the endings but most of he texture and the cuttlings are there. Today I give the horns a first tryout and add more volume. I´m not satisfied with size and shape, so I will sand the horns when cured and add some more putty for some more volume where needed. I also add more details to the cloth and sculptured the backside of it which can´t be seen here in the pic. Nethertheless I hope you like it.
Kind Regards GeOrc


  1. As I already said on Facebook I am really overwhelmed by what you are producing right here.
    But I'm especially curious about his staff, how it will look like in the end and how you'll manage to sculpt it...

  2. Cool sculpting work, it perfectly fits to GW but has your grace in it... keep on rocking! Regards Roman