Thursday, March 11, 2010

We had a very good hobby evening in our local GW store. I was able to finish the horns as well as the cloth around his neck. You can see that I shorten the horns a bit and add more volume. Otherwise than the large top horns which I wasn´t able to finish in one session, I finished the side horns with a lot of luck in ine session. It was perfect and with every movement of the tool on the putty it becomes better. Also I add some skull jewelry to his neck like the original Malagor wears one. I hope you like it. Like always feedback, critic and questions are very welcome. Kind Regards GeOrc


  1. Those horns look much better now... they looked good before but now they just look a lot better... cool work! Love to follow him grow! Keep it up! Regards Roman

  2. Hi Roman,
    many many thanks. I like the bigger look of horns too. I think it´s always a good way when not being sure about size to add putty in different steps and increase volume until you get the right size, which looks proportional to the rest of the miniature. I can´t wait to add hair and the hood to this evil beast.
    Kind Regards GeOrc